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Emergency Contraception

“Forms of contraception that are effective if administered within a specified period after sexual intercourse”

  • Levonorgestrel
    • The higher dose of progestin to normal contraception
    • Prevents LH surge and suppresses follicular rupture
    • Affects corpus luteum function
    • E.g. Levonelle in first 72hrs
      • Consider weight BMI>26 less effective
      • C/I with epileptic medication/ liver enzyme inducers
    • E.g. ulipristal
      • Selective progesterone receptor modulator – anti-progesterone
      • Delays follicular development and rupture by suppressing oestrogen
      • Endometrium hostile to fertilised egg
    • E.g. Ellaone up to 120hrs
      • Inhibits/delays ovulation
      • C/I with liver enzyme inducers, drugs that increase gastric pH
  • Copper IUD can be used 3-5days post-coital
    • Prevents fertilisation and implantation

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